Friday, February 19, 2016

Weddings + Schools- A Match Made In Heaven

Why Wedding & School Photography Are a Match Made in Heaven.

Join MugsyClicks founder Linda Russell as she shares how she has leveraged her experience as a successful wedding photographer into a new vision in School Photography.

"Wedding and School Photography have a lot in common and your skills in one field will compliment the other.  I look forwarding to sharing how school market can provide a photographer with the means grow both their photography businesses as well as their photographic skills."

Linda's mission is to empower excellent photographers to create school images that parents desire - "portraits worth framing" in their local schools.  The school photography market is ripe for change and it behooves today's wedding photographer to consider what this opportunity offers their current business.

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University for School and Sports Photography 
Wppi- March 5th, 2016 MGM Grand Rm 309-311- 2- 2:30PM 

Presentation sponsored by BayPhoto Lab

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