Friday, November 14, 2014

Meet Lorena Siminovich, Owner of Petit Collage


Meet Lorena Siminovich, The San Francisco School parent, children's book illustrator, and owner of Petit Collage. After creating a personalized, handmade collage for a friend who was expecting, Lorena was inspired to create a business featuring a modern take on art for children's rooms; now, 7 years later, Petit Collage offers modern kids toys and decor, all with an eco-friendly aspect.

What inspired you to start your own business?

Lorena: It all started with a handmade collage, an art piece I made for a pregnant friend, form there I started to sell unique collages on wood. This was about seven years ago, and there was not much modern artwork available for kids rooms. Later on I realize I was into something and expanded the line beyond it. After my daughter was born, we launched toys and games. We now have about 200 products!

Why Art for children?

Lorena: I'm also a children's book illustrator, so artwork is part of my life. I believe in surrounding children with beautiful things and smart design.

What is the best thing about owning your own business?

Lorena: I absolutely love going to work everyday.

How do you measure success?

Lorena: Good question. It's hard. I think having a good life/work balance and having a sustainable business, where everyone is paid well, and they are happy at their jobs is important to me. Of course I'm including myself in that equation!

What do you believe are the keys to balancing family life with owning your own business?

Lorena: The core issue is that we tend to be our most difficult bosses, so unforgiving. I think the key is learning to delegate and learning to say no. Easier said than done!

Advice you share with new artists:

Lorena: Develop a unique style, be good at marketing or find the right help in that area.

If you were granted a “do over” what would you chose?

Lorena: What a hard question! Many times I think I would have liked to choose the size of my company, bigger is not always better.

Person who most inspired you to think about life differently?

Lorena: My dad for sure, and avid entrepreneur and multiple hat-wearer.

What question should I have asked that I didn't?

Lorena: What's next for you? the answers would have been, more books, more products more fun!

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