Tuesday, October 09, 2012


Dedicated Sonoma County MugsyClicks photographer Michelle Feileacan convinces her son Meyer to stand for a his yearly first day of school portrait.  This photographic record will only become more precious with each passing year.

"They grow so fast".  You hear it from every grandparent, teacher, aunt or passerby.  Such a cliche, but like every good repeatable, it is true.  Outgrown shoes, clothes and toys.  Lessons that become the fabric of their being.  They grow so fast.

That is why our photographers practice what they preach.  Because she knows the value of the conscious image, each year Michelle Feileacan takes the time to lead Meyer to the same spot to photograph his first day of school.  Repeating the same process each year gives Meyer,  not just a visual record of his growth,  but a memory of his childhood.  Each one of these images will bring him back to a time and place.  This kind of familiar continuity is what school photography is all about for us.  As photographers we watch your children grow toward adulthood.  We create a record of life in images.  Prints to display, share and cherish. We know that it is in that continuity that these yearly images will someday become the fabric of school memories and relationships shared.  click to view more of Michelle's work

Meyer's 2nd grade school portrait by MugsyClicks photographer Kate Nagle.

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