Tuesday, August 28, 2012

MugsyClicks supports The Artistic Eye Project

Moeketsi Moticoe

This fall season we are delighted to have Moeketsi  Moticoe join our headquarters photography team.  Moeketsi is an extremely accomplished photographer from South Africa.  His work as a photo journalist for The Times is insightful and accomplished.  His fashion work defines some of the most popular and creative designers in Africa.  

Moeketsi currently lives in Cape Town, Western Cape and grew up in the Township of Sebokeng, Gauteng.  This is first visit to the United States and we are delighted to be hosting his visit.  

In addition to working on our teams Moeketsi will also be teaching photography in a cross cultural exchange program produced by SoulCity Movement and sponsored by Eduweavers and MugsyClicks.   The "Artistic Eye" program is focused on uniting global neighborhoods with the goal of allowing children a personal view into each others world while exploring self understanding and creative expression though photography.

The pilot program will take place in Cape Town and California with students simultaneously on working on the project “Me and My Neighborhood”.  These students will then share their images and experiences via Skype and online galleries.

We are absolutely delighted to be a part of this celebration of cross cultural learning and expression.

To learn more: http://www.eduweavers.org/artistic_eye.php

Below are images captured by Moeketsi last year during a photo project focused on SA schools.  Image of Moeketsi's leap for joy in Alamo Square captured by Jarreau Cross.