Monday, June 25, 2012

Russ Osterweil
I originally posted this in February of 2011.  Yesterday Russ moved to another consciousness.  I was blessed to have shared Saturday night at his side.  Alone in a dark hospital room we shared the art of music.  Russ lived his life present and aware and even as words left him there was passion in his soul.  His life was one of personal expression with compassionate intention.  I will miss him.  His final lesson to me is to live life as if it is precious, because it is.

Original Posting:
This beautiful portrait of a dear friend and amazing photographer captures his commitment to art, to life and to being.  Russ and I spend many years photographing weddings together and his eye is impeccable.   To view video click here:     Blink.

Thanks to Yoni Klein, whose video captures and celebrates this amazing man's art and journey.

To view Russ' work: