Monday, September 12, 2011
I am very excited to announce our alliance with LiveYearbook.  This innovative school yearbook company's vision is truly a revolution!  Their warm and friendly team understands the traditional challenges that plague yearbook advisers and have created a company that offers late deadlines (include spring activities), ease of catching mistakes before going to print, individualized photos of students and their friends, as well as simplified order collection.

Here are LiveYearbook's Key Advantages:

  • Custom - Every student gets 2 free pages to add more pictures of them and their friends using all of the extra pictures that were not used in the yearbook or they can upload their own, subject to school approval. Name and picture on cover, add as many pages as desired for a nominal fee.
  • Flexibility - No early deadlines with a 3 week print guarantee, allowing spring activities to be included and printed books received before school is out.
  • No minimum order quantity requirement, eliminating all risk of loss to the school.
  • 2 books for the price of 1...every printed book includes an online book at no extra charge.
  • Choices - exclusive online book only option at 50-70% less than print and we can always print a book later if desired.
  • Online viewing before going to print, allows more eyes viewing to catch mistakes.
  • Revenue sharing on all custom products, including custom pages and activity books (expanded memory books of any school activity).
  • Media storage with access perpetually.

LiveYearbook's goal is to provide a more personal yearbook experience without sacrificing school control and at the same time provide flexibility and choices while meeting the tech trends of parents and students in an online world today.

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