Monday, August 22, 2011

Tips & Hints for High School & Middle School Photos  
You CAN please yourself your parents and your photographer on picture day!
It just takes a little bit of planning, communication and mutual respect. This time in your life is an adventure! Some of you will change more in one year than in the last three. When you leave middle school or high school and look back on that first year photo you will be AMAZED at the power of nature. We are here to celebrate and capture that transformation!
So, while all the things written above pertain to you, in regard to clothing, they are now UP TO YOU. You are in charge. You are in charge. YOUR choice of clothes will determine how you feel about the photo, we are here to share with you our years and years of experience working with people your age.
The color you choose to wear will either complement your face and eyes or it will detract. Words and designs on your clothes will share with the world what you are "into" at this moment. While we want to capture an image that reflects YOU we also want to remind you of no matter how much you loved Elmo when you were 3, you probably wouldn't want a picture with him today.

If you want to reflect your passion for sports, music, etc in this year's portrait we are with you all the way! Remember we are artists so most of us had our own "unique" styles when we were your age. But please stay away from colors, designs and words that over power your eyes and expression.

Before you commit to your photo day wardrobe take a moment to consider who you creating the photo for. If Grandma receives a photo every year, we all know she wants to see you smile. If your mom or dad are the ones who REALLY want this photo, thank them for all the food they buy by wearing something you know they like- heck bring two shirts if we work fast we can make images of BOTH.
Special note to the all the ladies in the house
Plunging necklines and tube tops do not work well in head shots, there needs to be more body in the photo otherwise the photo is just face and skin.
Notes on skin and blemishes
Isn't retouching wonderful? Just because you woke up with a gathering of neon zits on picture day doesn't mean you have to look at them forever. Just order your photos online where you can find a variety of retouch options.

Make up. A bit of lipstick, mascara and blush is all you need! You are young, beautiful and wrinkle free!

EXPRESS YOURSELF doesn't have to mean you look mean or tough.

The gangstra look is good for your CD cover but not in your yearbook or ID card. Especially not on your ID card, wouldn't you rather have your school administer think you are "no trouble"?

Smile with your eyes even if you choose not to show your teeth. We suggest allowing us to create a variety of expressions to choose from later. Why waste your valuable professional photographer time with the same expression over and over again?

Use us to explore different versions of YOU!

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