Tuesday, August 30, 2011

MugsyClicks Summer Fun

Summer is a wonderful season for photographers, long days and sweet summer light.  Here are a few of our photographer's summer images.

Linda J Russell- I visited my daughter in Capetown, South Africa and we traveled to Mozambique to enjoy the warmth of the Indian Ocean.  These are some of my favorite images from this remarkable adventure. Russellphoto.com

Enchanted by the dogs of Tofo Beach in Mozambique - Linda's African Adventure

Working hands- Linda's African Adventure
Mompreneur and daughter with fresh pineapple

Nando- Linda's African Adventure

Sibling Rivalry- Linda's African Adventure

Michelle Feileacan- Our family vacation brought three generations together in the warm sand and water of Maui.  Hawaii is special to my family and my oldest has been 5 times - this time he was old enough to snorkel with us, which is a big thing in my family.  http://michellefphoto.com/

Old enough to snorkel
First Flight to Maui

Rosie with his grandparents

Hawaii is Special.

Suzanne Karp:  Our summer was filled with family, friends, feasts and festivals! http://www.suzannekarp.com/

A friend's daughter visiting from Japan.

Zeke fishing on the Sacramento River

Henry Silva:   Friday, July 23rd. Light Airs and Clear weather. Saw some Turtle upon the Water
but could not catch any. Sounded no ground with 200 fathoms. Variation 15 degrees 40 minutes East. Wind southerly. Henrysportfolio.com

Sea turtle, Oahu

Cam Sanders:  Family Fun dominated his summer as well.  http://camsanders.com

Some creatures are not so interested in the Season Premiere of Project Runway, it turns out! Other creatures, very much so.

"Donut-ing" on Wellfleet Harbor MA with Uncle Cam. Have these kids ever had so much fun in their lives?!?

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