Monday, May 23, 2011

Graduation Celebrations

Last year this time my daughter, Jesse, was graduating from Occidental College.  David Brooks was the commencement speaker.  He was humorous and enlightening with a unique point of view.  A child of hippies who grows up to be a conservative has an interesting spin on life.

All over the country families are gathering to remininse and celebrate accomplishments.  Words of wisdom will abound.  Links will be passed from friend to friend for reflection and inspiration.  Parents will share tears and often relief as their offspring move forward thru our school system towards (hopefully) independence.  

It is in that spirit I pass on the link to this year's commencement words of wisdom from Oxy's 2011 graduation.  Here prize-winning author, Harvard professor, and human rights advocate Samantha Power shares 5 lessons on making a difference.  Great advice for today and wonderful memories of launching my baby girl on her post school adventure in life.

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