Sunday, May 15, 2011

Coordination and Cooperation Creates Art 

Great Group Portraits celebrate relationships!  The portrait is the group not the individual.  The experience of creation is often more important than what is worn or the expression of any one person in these images.  What is remembered is shared space and time.  A teacher, a class, a year, and more importantly, the gathering of  friends.  

Here is the story of creating Hidden Valley Elementary School's amazing Star Burst from MugsyClicks certified photographer Michelle Montalbano.   

"Hidden Valley is such a great community of students, teachers and parents...I really love working with them. This is the 2nd annual "all school" photo.  The "starburst" was part of the yearbook design. It went with all the "stars" and so it made sense to craft the group portrait to reflect that element.

The real "star" is one "superMom"....Jill Fritz.  She has been the parent who has helped through every detail of school photos over the years and I could not have done it without her.  She organizes all the volunteers for every photo day and she shows up herself to be a part of it all. She has been the yearbook coordinator putting all her heart in it for the kids.  She really is amazing.

Jill coordinated all the teachers for this "all school" photo.  She got there early and we drew the design on the playground.  I climbed up on the library roof and class by class the kids and teachers began marching out.  Then Jill and a few helpers began orchestrating the magic. I loved watching as the excitement rose and over 600 kids become one great form!  The school became quiet as the principal Patty McCaffrey spoke to all of them.  I was inspired to see the connection between the kids, the teachers and the staff.   I am a grateful archivist of the communication, respect and cooperation that are all necessary in creating a great moment and memory.

The yearbooks went home recently and I heard that everyone was so happy and LOVED the image.

I feel honored to be a part of it all...and I am thankful to have this photograph to remind me of the gift we all created for the kids. "

Michelle Montalbano- MugsyClicks Certified Photographer (since almost the beginning).

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