Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"The Tag is ITCHY"

Last week I photographed a new group of Make Mine A Million winners in Denver.  The format has changed, instead of 30 finalists competing for 10 or 12 winners, the organization is now allowing as many women as possible to "pitch" their business ideas before a panel of judges and feedback experts.  

With nearly 100 women pitching and 60 winners our group of dedicated business women grew expediently.  One of the winners is Alexandra Merlino whose company Teres Kids creates extremely soft organic clothing for kids with tactile sensitivityDo yourself and your child a favor and check out her adorable line of clothing guaranteed to calm the most sensitive skin!

1 comment: said...

Hi Linda,

I was really delighted to have a professional headshot done by Mugsyclicks- I can already see how useful it is- the process was also extremely convenient, effortless & totally professional!

I was so happy in the rush to see what I thought was an amber pendant around your neck (significant to me because I was there to pitch our company, as we dashed by to go upstairs to do the outdoor photo!

I do hope it was amber & just thinking so made me smile.

Best wishes, Holly