Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Wonderful Photo Day in the Garden at Saint Mark's School

Our photo days at Saint Mark's School in San Rafael reminded me why I love Mugshots. Over the years I have been blessed to have been the creative "eye" for many families in my community. I crawled on the floor with babies and chased down toddlers. I made a fool of myself for many a school aged child. But once I committed myself to working in the schools there was a whole new level of documentation. Now instead of one child or a couple of siblings I was committing myself to hundreds of individuals in a day.

As I continuously preach to my photographers "each and every child is an individual, each one deserves the passion of your eye." I recognize saying it and living it can sometimes be at odds with one another when there is an endless line of kids, changing light, noise and school day concerns. Last week, I had the joy of returning to Saint Marks School. Before my camera were smiling faces who I have been watching grow for years. From timid kindergartners to blossoming 8th graders in a garden that has grown from an idea to a bountiful space alive with food and wild life. How blessed am I? Pretty darn content. How beautiful were the photos the kids and I created? Truly special.

Thanks to Cindy Erlich for her great attitude and help each photo day. And much appreciation and respect to Headmaster Damon Kirby as moves on to new adventures leaving a legacy worthy of 24 years of his nurture and care.

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