Wednesday, August 11, 2010

MugsyClicks is in the News!

It is always so gratifying to see your ideas in print, whether it is on paper or online.

This year I was asked to create a MugsyClicks version of how to prepare your child for school photos. As I wrote out my suggestions I realized that the majority of the country who are still saddled with the huge assembly lined school photography companies would find my suggestions "sweet" but probably they would probably make little difference to the end result. Still there is hope! For every mom who sees reads the article with hope in her heart for a great school photo this year will see that somewhere out here there is another mom, me, who is working hard to make her fantasy a reality. All she has to do is "click" the link to MugsyClicks and a seed will be planted and soon a photographer in her area will hear the possibility! I can't wait to see the garden of smiles we are growing.

Here's a link to the Sacramento Parent version of our tips.