Friday, October 09, 2009

Updates from the Circus Tent

In September I wrote from my fantasy trapeze platform high above the crowd as we launched our website. Humming "she flies thru the air" I grabbed for my imaginary swing and kicked off a new level of business. Thank God for safety nets.

In this case it has been a tightly woven network of service providers. Nichole and Rick from our new lab partner have spent weekends and nights working out the kinks of our fabulous data management and image upload system. Mike and his team have stood behind their work as they combed thru a level of code equal to War and Peace for the dastardly buzzing bugs that cause chain of misguided reactions. Lesliegh, our new customer service queen, embraces each of our customer's concerns with the heartfelt compassion and boundaries of a seasoned mother. Henry is checking production logs at night when other early twenty somethings are thinking of their next beer-bomb. Jarreau has stretched to the level of photographer that he has surpassed me in creative ways to pose your kids. Becca continues to edit tens of thousands of images attempting to divine which ones will make your heart sing enough to purchase them in order to hold your child's smile forever.

As I swing like a pendulum, my heart is filled with gratitude (and adrenaline). Behind each one of these photographs you see on our site there is a tribe of people all working toward this vision of beautiful portraits at affordable prices. Photographers whose talent and fortitude for creating images sustains them thru what sometimes seems like an ENDLESS line of kids waiting for their moment before the lens. You can't even imagine what energy it takes to entertain, set limits and truly "see" each individual before our lens. That this dedicated group of talent has joined Mugshots makes my heart sing!

Bugs, misfires and naming conventions beware, we are on to you and in the not too distant future your short lives will be over and our website will be THE BEST school photography site in the country.

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