Thursday, October 29, 2009

School Portraits worth framing?

A mom weighs in on tradition school photography companies like LIFETOUCH, where "school portraits worth framing" is not their mission. When I see images like these, I know our commitment to bringing professional portraiture into the schools is a value proposition. And Bridget's kids are actually some of the better Lifetouch portraits that I have seen this year. You should see the horrible quality of their sonoma county photographers.

By Bridget Baxter from her blog: Everyday Chaos
School Pictures Stink.

No surprise here but I got our school pictures back and heaven help me. My mom came this weekend and saw them and gave me that look. I know what she’s thinking. She’s hoping I give her wallets so she doesn’t have to display them ;).

Jeremy actually takes pretty normal pictures as far as his body goes but his expression is not my favorite. He likes the “drunk, dazed, and confused smiling chicken” expression. I think you have to have a chicken to know the look. They cock their heads kind of sideways and give you a blank stare. If chickens could smile they would look like this-


When anyone but myself takes Ashlyn’s picture she gets really shy and ducks, losing her neck completely. She looks like one of the Barbies we had growing up that no one played with because her neck was broken so we crammed her head on the neck stem anyway. Every school picture reminds me of neck less Malibu Barbie. Her skin is pretty tricky since she’s so porcelain toned and it almost always comes out green on film. Don’t even get me started on her expression. What is this?


Lifetouch says “looks you’ll love”- uh huh. Every year. So, because these are staying hidden in the kid’s baby books for all time and eternity I decided to take it upon myself to capture my criminal’s mug shots as I see them. (log on to Bridget's blog to see her photos)I had to grab each kid at a different time of day so the coloring is a bit different for each of them. I’m no photographer, and I don’t claim to be, but I think these are just a tiny bit better than Chicken Jim and Malibu Ash.

So mom, you’re welcome. I’m such a nice daughter I won’t make you hang the blue ones on your wall until you’re 90 ;). ...

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