Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hot Day in Fairfax

Thanks to Georgia for helping to create such a lovely portrait on a very warm day this month in Fairfax. She didn't try and hide her braces. Her choice of clothes was complementary to her eyes, hair AND the background. Her expression is honest and sweet.

What is even sweeter is that Georgia is now part of the extended Mugshots Family as her mom Lesleigh has joined our staff as Customer Service Maven. (I still owe some of you thank you notes for all your wonderful and heartfelt comments as well as job interest). It was a difficult decision as all of our applicants were people I would have enjoyed getting to know better and working with. But ultimately Lesleigh was the team player we were hoping to add- a customer who loved our product, who could relate to our customer and with the energy to help shape the vision of customer relations as we grow. Welcome aboard Lesleigh and thank you so much for heeding the call! And we are so grateful to have been able to capture your darling kids portraits as they grow up!!!

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