Saturday, January 17, 2009

Are You IN?

Hello fellow women business owners,
Over the last 3 years many of you have watched my business grow and flourish. Much of my success was due to what I have learned since winning the Make Mine A Million $ (M3)Business competition. This group has provided education and support in accessing me to not only the tools for growing but also the fellowship of other women moving beyond the known. Since becoming part of this organization I have more than doubled my revenue and have created income for more than 10 people. The hardest part of this experience was that all my business owner sisters were not a part of this process due to the competition aspect of the group. Now that has changed.

Count Me In (M3 Parent Organization) has launched a new more inclusive competition- A Race to your revenue goal- complete with business tools, training, and political clout. I would like to personally invite you to become a part of this amazing experience. I actually guarantee that joining this organization will be of value. If you join the race and participate in process and do not feel it was of value I will personally refund the $100 registration fee. I feel this strongly about the vision of this Count Me In and the potential of your businesses.

The timing of your signing up is very important to our quest for women’s economic independence through business growth, personal growth and job creation in our communities. Nell Merlino is headed to Congress next week to advocate for women-owned business' access to markets, experts, technology, and financing. There is going to be a lot of future debt allocated to rebuilding the economy and it is important that woman owned businesses be included in this plan. We all know who benefits first when women grow their businesses- women's priorities are family, education and healthcare- even before shopping :0).

Please join with us and grow your businesses. We are optimistic in spite of the terrible economic news. I know that my fellow women business owners will find a way to support their families no matter what the odds and Count Me In is dedicated to helping us to do so. Not only personally but as a group. By joining the race today you are standing with Nell as she speaks to the congressional decision makers as well as press with a passionate belief in our success. I can tell you from personal experience, this makes a difference. Here is a little nugget to chew on..women did not get access to equal credit until 1974, yes 1974- that was when the Equal Credit Opportunity Act was passed. And it took another few years for it to take full effect. Thank goodness for people like Nell who are willing to fight for women's equality at the economic table. We have come a long way but there are still inequities to balance. We are certainly smart enough, ambitious enough and dedicated enough.

So check out M3. Join Us. You will find answers and access to the information and tools you need to understand your business growth. Profit and Loss Statements, Balance Sheets, Marketing Plans, Business Plan writing, coaches, mentors, loans, SBA, operations manuals, etc. We have a network of women who are seeing success in businesses as diverse as hand colored buttons to drug testing assurances.

Together we can support each other's success and bring attention to our value to this country's future.
With love and faith in your vision,

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